Bukowsky Grill
project name

Bukowsky Grill

The artisan and local sourcing is essential to Bukowski, the homemade organic soft drinks and the sauces, served in reusable bottles strikes a pleasant and homely note. The absence of labeling brings one to Naomi Klein’s No Logo territory. I hope that at Bukowski one can pause for a moment (30 minutes ) and enjoy the city instead of moaning about it.


  • Design brief

Pop up restaurant, with limited space, a cultural environment in many aspects, culinary, literary and artistic, for people that likes to use some quality time while eating, and at the same time have quality food.

Dynamic space, sensible and honest, and responsible with the resources and environment of the site (Box Park)


  • Design challenges

Bukovsky pop up restaurant was a big challenge from the beginning, we had to deal with shortage of space, maximise the circulation to create a good ambient that will welcome everyone into the restaurant.

On top of this we needed to create an image according to the concept of Bukovsky’s literature in a space that for itself will have a very strong industrial look as the whole box park has, made from containers and planned as a movable shopping area.

The space needed to transmit the values of the brand, honest food, with quality and a hint of arrogance and fun.

  • Design results

For all this reasons we decided to use reclaimed material (timber, light fittings…) and use the materials as they are, not trying to hide imperfections or disguise, we used all the imperfections as design elements creating an honest environment  in which people will easily understand and feel comfortable.

We used fire retardant tints to comply with fire regulations, but again honestly so we did not hide it, as a result the timber takes different shades and tones that works perfectly with our concept.

The storage areas are under the banquettes, the walls will be used as display for art, the materials will remind us of things we know, we remember, nothing is a mystery but the food, although every one knows what to expect as soon as you enter the space, honest food, quality and a very responsible use of all the resources.


Ambient Fast Food

Dining at Bukowski reminds us of the positive side of humanity – as creators and artisans, we are also a species that can do some good.

The theatre of the Josper oven, the wood and charcoal burning, and the obvious artisan origin of the oven itself, suggest immediately to diners that they are not at Bukowski to devour a meal, but to enter a different space where the predatory life of the surrounding Metropolis terminates. The feeding frenzy of McDonald’s (with its cannibal practices against animals and humans) is opposed, in the mind of our customer, by the non-corporate climate and relaxed atmosphere of Bukowski.

At Bukowski you can engage in conversation about the food, the wine, the production and the space.